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About Us

Sahara Herbal Centre came into existence in the year 1999 and started operations thereafter, with the mission to

provide holistic health care for all by promoting phytotherapy. The clinic   came into being for the need of the people of

 Ghana and the world at large to offer quality, safe and effective but affordable natural health care services to all, This

goal has been met to a large extend because of the goodwill and the continuous patronage of our products and

services both locally and internationally, this is a true reflection that, the centre has lived up to expectation.


Dr. Ato Ampah Sahara who is in charge of Sahara Herbal Clinic has been registered as a professional herbalist into the Ontario Herbalists Association of Canada with the membership number 463. He has also been certified as a professional herbal doctor by the Traditional medicine Practice Council under the Ghana Ministry Of health in accordance with the traditional Medicine Act, 200 (Act 575)

Above all, Sahara Herbal Clinic has also registered all its products and has subsequently been certified and accredited by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana with the following registration numbers:

Sahara Bitters                    - FDA No: HD 09-7165
Sahara Herb Feva             - FDA No: HD 09-7164


Sahara Herbal Centre was registered in Ghana, under the registration of Business names Act 1962 (NO. 151) as SAHARA HERBAL CENTRE on 25th day of April 2006 aiming as follows:

1.  To provide quality, safe, effective and affordable natural health care services.

2.  To promote health education and counselling.

3.  To promote safe and effective use of herbal medicines.

4.  To support and promote the idea that disease are better treated by prevention.

5. To promote holistic healthcare for all and maintain high standard of herbal medicine practice.

6.  To provide dietary and life style education.